Thanks to straightening dept TTL is able to supply to the customers high quality products in accordance with geometrical and dimensional requirements.

TTL has manual, semi-automated and fully automated straightening machine with a power up to 1000 ton. They allow to straight parts with different shape, dimension and metallurgical conditions.

Straightening technologies

  • Total straightening
  • Section/Zone straightening
  • Pipes ovality check and correction
  • Cutting and hammering
  • Local heating


  • Bars e round bars
  • Profiled bars
  • Shafts
  • Cylinders, rolls
  • Pipes, big ring
  • Runners
  • Plates
  • Camshafts

Metallurgical conditions

  • Hardened and tempered
  • Annealed, normalised
  • Induction hardened
  • Total hardened
  • Carburized
  • Nitrided

We can work on pieces from few millimeters section to over 12 meters length.